PE Foam Scrap Compacting Equipment
Borrowing from its well established KP series thermal scrap compacting technology, JTW has developed a unit that can take in PE foam scrap and convert it into dense, clean bricks or logs that can be disposed, transported and recycled in a cost-effective manor.

Employing a patent pending compacting technology, the AC compactor compresses foam scrap into a square brick or log, with densities up to 30 lb/ft 3. Unlike baling systems, no strapping is required, dust and debris are reduced, and the logs can be fed directly into most grinders or shredders.

A typical compacting system, which may include a pre-shredder, can easily be paid for in less than one year, considering the typical costs of handling or disposing of foam scrap. Log lengths are adjustable from 8 to 48, making it possible to palletize and ship the scrap affordably.
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Last update: 2/19/2015
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JTW International, Inc. introduces its model AC series Poly-Scrap Compactor, designed to effectively compact PE foam scrap. With a small footprint, the AC compactor fits into the corner of any foam fabrication shop. Operating quietly and efficiently, it reduces labor and increases available floor space normally taken up with scrap.
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Custom Built AC Unit
AC 50 Series (Up to 200 lb/hr)
For those looking for a simpler, less expensive option to densify their foam scrap, we offer the AD60 model foam melter. Unlike other melters originally designed for EPS, this unit was created to handle the hard stuff; PE foam up to 9#, EPE EPP, and yes, EPS.
AD60 Series Foam Melter
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