KP6041 Compactor with scrap receiver
(up to 600 lb/hr)
Film & Trim Scrap Compacting Equipment
Convert your flexible poly scrap into a manageable product with the KP scrap compactor.
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The KP Series Compactor can compact any poly-based material, regardless of purity or substrates.
KP Series
Trims, cut-outs and bags can be compressed into rigid, high bulk-density bricks that can be easily handled or stacked. High bulk-weight bricks can be transported more efficiently to recycling or disposal facilities. The KP compactor reduces operating and housekeeping costs and can be located close to any process area.
Printed Film and Bags
Coex Barrier Films
Metalized Film
Poly-Coated Paper and Foil
KP4041 Compactor with trim receiver
(Up to 400 lb/hr)
Film scrap can be compacted to bulk weights up to 40 lb/ft3, making handling, recycling or transporting of material more efficient. A typical 40' container can be filled with 40,000 lb of compacted logs.

JTW can help you calculate your payback in reduced landfill costs or in the sale price of compacted scrap to recyclers or brokers.
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Film & Trim Scrap Compactors
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PE Foam Scrap Compactors
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